Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan received protective bail, on Thursday, for lawsuits registered against its recent long march on Islamabad, reported Aaj News.

The bail will expire on June 25. Khan had approached the Peshawar High Court to secure the bail, where he had met with Chief Justice Qaiser Rashid Khan.

After Khan called off the long march on March 26 for fear that the situation was getting violent, several cases were registered against him and his party for turning violent and clashing with law enforcement agencies.

On May 25, PTI kicked off its long march, and workers from different cities of the country reached the federal capital.

Call elections: Imran gives a six-day deadline to the government

The government had attempted to prevent the convoy led by Khan from reaching the capital by shutting down all entry and exit points around the city but was forced to allow in the protesters by an emergency Supreme Court order.

On Thursday morning, the PTI chairman ended the rally and warned the government to stage fresh elections or face more mass protests.

Later, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah was hopeful that a case would be registered against the long march as “it was a criminal act that is punishable by Pakistan’s penal code.”

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