A hacker stole NFTs worth $1.4 million from a single crypto collector, observed by blockchain researchers.

The stolen collection included 29 pieces from the popular Moonbirds collection which had a floor price of 24 ETH, or nearly $48,000. The hacker used a phishing website to get the collector to approve them as operator of the wallet and then stole all of the NFTs.

In an online chat, the victim said that “On that site [the hacker] had a contract made to un-nest all my Moonbirds and move them in one swoop.” He said the transactiosn initially failed but eventually succeeded, reported Vice.

The victim, Kieth, claimed to be an oncologist and father, exclaiming that the scammer “hacked a father of three children under 6-years-old and a wife, and took all their hard earned money for the past 38 years accrued in a few minutes. No words can describe the level of life altering results this has caused,” he said. “I’m a doctor that takes care of patients with end stage pain (cancer) and have done much for the web3 community to thrive and grow.”

Kieth also sent a message to the hacker as an NFT in a desperate attempt to recover the stolen collection. His message read, “Please return the stolen moonbirds to the original owner. Keep 1 for compensation. “If [Moonbirds] are not returned by 5/25 @ 12p UTC, the police and FBI will be notified formally.”

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